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2011 NFL Draft: Maryland WR Torrey Smith Drafted by Baltimore in Second Round

Good news for the Ravens fans out there, and there are several: Maryland's star WR, Torrey Smith, was just selected by the Baltimore Ravens with the 27th pick in the 2nd Round of the NFL Draft.

It's a good match for both sides. Baltimore needed a receiver, particularly one who could stretch the field across from Anquan Boldin. That's perfect for Smith, who was notorious for his down-the-field ability in College Park. His high character will fit in well with that locker room, too.

Smith, meanwhile, is in a position that allows him to succeed immediately. Joe Flacco is a top-flight QB and the presence of Boldin will give Smith some looser coverage than he's used to. On top of all that, he gets to stay home, relatively speaking, and all the diehard Terp-Raven fans get to keep rooting for him. Plus, uh, Baltimore wins. A lot.

(For the record, technically speaking, Torrey's hometown team is the Redskins. But apparently they find it better to take Jarvis Jenkins (aka the guy DaQuan Bowers made look average) instead...even ahead of DaQuan Bowers. Sigh.)

Anyway, if there are any Ravens fans who aren't Terp fans looking for info on Smith, he's not exactly DeSean Jackson here. He's not a burner; he's an all-around receiver who happens to have the ability to stretch the field. He'll go over the middle and run intermediate routes well, and he's actually big and strong enough to beat press coverages. His hands are solid and I can't think of any flaw he has physically. What's more, he's a great kid, a hard worker, and genuinely one of the nicest people in football.

The big downside is probably his route-running. He's only been a WR for four years (he was exclusively a QB in HS) and was forced to play all three WR positions in his time at Maryland, learning new routes for each. It goes without saying that he's struggled with them. He's kind of stiff, and that makes him seem slower than he is. It's also worth mentioning that he does have a history of nagging injuries, which is why his stats were sort of middling this year.

All in all, a great pick for both sides. Congrats to Torrey, and I'm jealous of all the Ravens fans.