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Maryland Minute - 04.28.11 - Jordan Williams and the NBA Draft


Jordan, we hardly knew ye? " Columns " Cumberland Times-News
Great piece by Mike Burke of the Cumberland Times-News on Jordan Williams. He offers great insight to Jordan's play, comparing him to another famous Terps sophomore who left early, Chris Wilcox.

Maryland needs a Judge without Jordan - Washington DC Maryland Terrapins |
One factor that could steer Judge to MD would be allowing him to play immediately, via a hardship waiver, if he played close to home. It would be harder to justify such a waiver if he went further away, to a place like Rutgers...

The new NBA draft deadline is ridiculous - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
The NCAA is moving up the declaration deadline again, now to April 12th. Eamonn Brennan rips into the decision and calls it ridiculous. I think he makes some good points. It's really not fair to the players, who are trying to make an educated decision about their careers. Wouldn't this cause more people to stay in, rather than get feedback that tells them to go back to school and work on x,y,z before next year?

Which teams have the most to lose? - Luke Winn -
Luke Winn thinks MD is one of the top teams that has the most to lose if Jordan stays in the draft.

10. MARYLAND The Terps were the second-most efficient team that missed the NCAA tournament this year, and they could be an above-.500 ACC team in 2011-12 -- but that's only if sophomore center Jordan Williams pulls out of the draft.

KICKOFF QUESTIONS - The Diamondback - Sports
The Diamondback looks at questions facing the football team heading into the spring game Saturday.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup - Matt Bracken -
The usual recruiting awesomness by Bracken.

NCAA Tournament picture taking shape for men's lacrosse - The Diamondback - Sports
The Terps' seeding in the NCAA tourney could be hurt by the lack of strength in their out of conference schedule...

Round Two Mock Draft: Da'Quan Bowers Still Waiting, Along With Dozens Of Other Prospects -
Brian Galliford, one of SBN's football writers, offers his 2nd round mock draft. And he doesn't have Torrey Smith going in it. Yikes. I find it hard to believe that he'll slip past the 2nd. I really hope the Ravens snag him up...