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Maryland Minute 4.20.11 - Will a Jordan-less Terps team make the NIT?

Chef Stoglin
Chef Stoglin

Evaluating NBA draft early-entry decisions for underclassmen - ESPN

Here's their take on Jordan Williams:

"The Terps didn't make the postseason with Jordan Williams as the primary post. They should make the NIT, at the very least, with him returning. If he doesn't, they definitely won't."

I think a Jordan-less Terps team could make the NIT. The fact that the NIT might be our ceiling is kind of depressing, though.

Terrell Stoglin Straight Calls Out Ryan Harrow

"I have always cooked him, no rivalry there until he outplays me and wins."

By far the best part of the article but there's also some good stuff on his expectations for next season and the Jordan situation.

Wanna see Greivis highlights from his rookie season?

So do we. That's why they're linked above. 

Alex Murphy becomes part of Duke's 2011 class - ESPN

Considering the void left by Singler, and the fact that Barnes will be back at UNC, this a good move for K and Co. 

Mike Leach has a Twitter!

Its brand new so his tweeting abilities are still to be determined, but this could be entertaining.