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Maryland Minute - 04.18.11 - The Football Team Continues With Spring Practice

Terps More than Halfway Through Spring
Spring practice has been going on for over three weeks and is more than half over. Everything will wrap up in a few weeks with the Red-White game on April 30th.

Tucker making progress on gridiron - The Diamondback - Sports

And after suiting up for the Terps for the past three practices, Tucker has performed as expected following a four-year absence from the sport: inconsistenty.

So, it was just like his basketball career? I kid, I kid.

Terps look at Anderson on the inside and outside - Washington Times
Good piece on Justin Anderson.

Univ. identifies student sex offenders - The Diamondback - News

According to a CNS report that aired Thursday, Joel Statham was suspended for sexually assaulting another student on the campus, although the details of the actual incident were not released by the university. He subsequently transferred to Jacksonville State, a Division II school. Yikes.

That sucks. Joel Statham was already not liked very much in CP and most assumed he transferred because of his poor QB play, but it seems this might have been the true driving factor for that decision.

Gaffes cost men's lacrosse in loss to Johns Hopkins - The Diamondback - Sports
Another look at the Terps' defensive breakdown in the Hopkins game. Hopefully they can rebound from that loss...

PressBox: As Season Rolls On, Cummings, Farrell Step Up For Terps
Great piece on two of the seniors great players on Maryland's lacrosse team. Good read. Hope they can get it done this year.

Pittsburgh Hoop Group Jam Fest recap - ESPN
Yes, McGary starred. So, too, did Jerami Grant. - Ben B.

Boston College’s roster looks thin after losing 10 players - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Yikes...BC could be Wake-bad next year.