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Maryland Minute - 04.11.11 - Kevin Plank's Influence at Maryland Revealed

Maryland Minute
Maryland Minute

Public service announcement, especially for those who are new here. The Maryland Minute is basically a round-up of all the Terps related news we could find for the previous day on the interwebs. Some of the articles are found by me, some by Ben B., some by Ben G. Whoever found the article will normally write a little blurb about it under the link and we'll then put that person's name after the blurb. If no one's name is listed, it was clipped by the person who published the story, which in this case would be me. There has been some confusion about this recently, which is why I wanted to clear everything up.

Onto the MM...

Kevin Plank: Under Armour founder Kevin Plank has given generously to Maryland to help its sports teams keep up with the competition -
Kevin Plank does a lot for Maryland but doesn't want to be the person pushing any decisions or having a big influence in how the University acts. Basically, he'll provide resources to make the University more competitive. Pretty cool article.

Justin Anderson highlights Day 3 of Nike EYBL - ESPN
From Ben B. - First off, those light blues are sick. Secondly, this is fantastic.

His improvement in the last year has been well documented. Anderson has always been a jaw-dropping athlete, but has really improved as a basketball player. He is now a solid 3-point shooter and a great rebounder for his position. He hit a huge 3-pointer versus Team Takeover to put the game into overtime (though they eventually lost the game). He should be a very good contributor at Maryland and if he continues to improve, there's no telling how far he can go.

There's also more on Arnaud Adala Moto, who sounds awesome, and Jerami Grant, who is now pushing top 100.

Tracking the Terps: Terps OL Gilbert re-injures left knee, has surgery - Jeff Barker -
Bad news for Gilbert. He re-injured his knee and looks to be out until at least October.

Wacker’s weekend win a rare positive on the mound for baseball - The Diamondback - Sports
Terps did take 1/3 against Clemson...better than getting swept. Baby steps, folks. Baby steps.

2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cam Newton Strengthening Grip On Top Overall Status -
Seems like Torrey has slipped into the 2nd round of most mock drafts. Hopefully someone takes him earlier than that...

Maryland Edged in NCATA Championship
Maryland was edged by Oregon 283.482 to 283.352 Saturday night in the NCATA's national championship in Eugene, Ore. Damn, that's close...