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Report - Debbie Yow Looking into Hiring Brenda Frese to Coach NC State Men's Team?!?

Well, I can't say it's SUPER surprising, but it's still shocking to me. Apparently Yow thinks that hiring a prominent woman to coach their men's team will help get them out of the shadow of Duke and UNC in North Caroline and put NC State basketball back on the map. I'll give her credit, having a woman coaching your men's team would definitely bring attention to your team, but is it the right kind of attention?

Brenda is a great recruiter and coach, as we've seen in her time at Maryland, but the men's game, both recruiting and coaching, is an entirely different animal from the women's game. Will elite men's recruits actually respond to Frese's recruiting? I guess we'll find out soon enough if this goes down. I'm guessing if this happens it would either be a genius move by Yow if Frese succeeds or it will force Yow into early retirement when every current players decides to transfer. Either way, I can't WAIT to see what the reactions are from the NC State fan base.

We all know Brenda and Yow are close, so in that sense I could understand it and see it happening. But wow would it be crazy. And shocking. Oh, and it would hurt Maryland. Whether or not you like or enjoy women's basketball, the better the team does and the more money they bring in, the better off MD athletics will be as a whole. If Frese leaves, arguably one of the top coaches in the woman's game, it's going to be hard to replace her with someone of equal caliber and maintain the momentum she's built in Maryland's women's basketball.

I guess this is Yow's latest attempt to get back at Maryland. Should be interesting to see how this plays out, whether or not State fans revolt, and who Maryland hires to replace Brenda.

More details about all of this can be found here.

Oh, I forgot one other detail...