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Maryland Minute - 03.31.11 - Men's Lacrosse Hopes to Rebound Against UVA Saturday

Maryland Minute
Maryland Minute

Not much news going on right now in Terp land, which is why you didn't see a MM yesterday. We might start doing these every other day until football starts picking up, so if we make that change, we'll let you know.

Faceoff: Maryland still confident after disappointing loss - Maryland -
Hopefully they rebound well from the UNC loss and beat the snot out of UVA. Or just beat them. I'd be happy with that too.

Picking up the pieces - The Diamondback - Sports
Sounds like Saturday's game is a must win. Going 0-3 in ACC play would hurt, a lot.

This Year's Final Four: Beyond 'Cinderella vs. Sinners' | The Nation
Interesting article, but thought these quotes/portions were interesting:

As former University of Maryland All-American Laron Profit said to me, "The great lie is that we are somehow still student-athletes. We are at best athlete-students, because the second we set foot on campus, it's made clear to us exactly why we are on campus and what we are there to do. We are there to play basketball. Our scholarships are renewed on an annual basis—most fans don’t know that—and getting good grades won’t keep us on the team or keep us in school."

Thought this one was good too. Defending Gary and insulting Calhoun and Calipari at the same time. Win-win.

Laron's former coach Gary Williams was recently asked to explain his basketball program’s lack of success at the University of Maryland and he said simply, "I get yelled at because I don't cheat." Gary Williams is the actual outlier here and John Calipari and Jim Calhoun are the norm. They're not outlaws. They're the establishment: as much a part of the NCAA tournament as ubiquitous announcer Gus Johnson and the One Shining Moment song. The system is amoral and putrid. The NCAA is a plantation economy, a de facto minor league, and a rotting corpse of an institution that smells worse than mayonnaise left on the radiator. The best coaches are simply the most effective at smiling for the camera and pretending the stench is pure perfume.

Justin Anderson: "A little turtle is always in my heart somewhere."
I love this kid. - Ben G.

Maalik Wayns not entering NBA Draft
Why is this important? Well, it's probably not. But there were Twitter rumors last week that Jordan and Maalik were tweeting each other about pre-draft workouts out in Vegas. Maybe Jordan will follow a similar path...-Ben G.

Boom Osby tears up Estonian Dunk Contest
Yup. Today's MM takes you all the way to Estonia. He's #34 in the red jersey (naturally) and throws down some pretty sick dunks. -Ben G.

My take - Boom was awesome. Glad he's doing well.

Terps to Athens for NCAA Regionals

The University of Maryland gymnastics team will travel south to the University of Georgia this weekend to compete as the fifth-seed in the Athens Region of the 2011 National Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Championships.

Go Get'em!