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Maryland's Jordan Williams "Not Even Thinking About" NBA Draft

Every single time someone mentions how great next year will likely be for Maryland, there's always a caveat: "as long as Jordan Williams returns."

Up until now, we didn't know his plans. And now...we still pretty much don't. Via Patrick Stevens:

"I'm not even thinking about that," Williams said. "I'm just trying to focus on this team right now and getting this team better and getting this team to the tournament. That's the most important thing. I haven't really put any thought into that."

This is essentially a drawn out "no comment." He isn't shooting it down, though it may seem that way at first. He simply hasn't gotten around to thinking about it yet, which, again, is pretty much "no comment."

The general consensus is that he'd be well-served to wait out another year. His dominance slowed in conference play, with a few average games against average competition. His game has been exposed at times: he still lacks a great vertical, he presses at times, his defense is up-and-down, and he doesn't have a great mid-range game.

He'd be a borderline first round pick, which makes an early departure somewhat risky, especially with the potential lockout on the horizon.

At the same time, he is extremely productive and has unbelievably soft hands. There's a lot to work with there; similar players, like Glenn Davis, Kevin Love, and Dejuan Blair have found league success.

It's too early to get a good grip on what he's going to do, which is unfortunate considering how much he means to Maryland. Return, and there's the potential to have a top 3 team in the ACC. Leave, and I wouldn't expect much more than a bubble team.