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Maryland AD Reaffirms Gary Williams Support, For What That's Worth

Since Ralph Friedgen was fired after a semi-successful year, I can't tell you how many Gary Williams comparisons I've read. "If they fired Ralph after that season, why not fire Gary after this one?" people ask, albeit generally with worse grammar.

It's a poor argument for a lot of reasons. First, Friedgen wasn't primarily bought out for performance. I feel like I explain this weekly. A lot of it had to do with contractual, logistical oddities, and those don't exist with Gary.

More importantly, the two have very different track records. Though 4 NITs in 7 years - the scary number we have now approached - is comparable to 3 winning records in 7 years, Gary has a far more illustrious, proven history. Oh, and he has a national championship, too. So that helps.

No, it's not comparable at all. But people still say it. So Jeff Barker at the Sun went straight to the source to figure out Kevin Anderson's thinking:

"His job, based on what happened this year, is definitely not [in] jeopardy," said athletic director Kevin Anderson...He said Williams, who recently passed the late John Wooden for 22nd on the all-time wins list, would be back, barring unforeseen circumstances. "Gary and I have a good relationship. I like what he's doing on the court."

Well, that's settled. Anderson's word is gold in these situations, so I think we can put this one to bed. Oh, wait...nevermind.

No, though, I'd be surprised if Anderson pulled the same trick again. The football promise was complicated; I'm guessing that's why he threw "unforeseen circumstances" into this one. But this one probably won't be. If it's not, Gary has the pedigree, name, positive recruiting momentum, and, most importantly, support (think Friends of Gary) to stick around. Things will have to get much worse before this becomes a serious discussion.

It simply makes no sense to even think about buying Gary out, let alone actually doing it. Do you want to become N.C. State?