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ACC Tournament Pairings are Set: Maryland Terrapins Draw N.C. State (Updated with Bracket)

They meet again.
They meet again.

With three more ACC games having wrapped up today, the conference's regular season is over. That means we now have the final, official pairings in the ACC  tournament. Maryland's first round matchup? N.C. State, who they beat by 7 about two weeks ago.

The pairings are below; I'll update later with a nice bracket.

First Round (Thursday)

Game 1 (Noon): #8 Virginia vs. #9 Miami

Game 2 (2:00): #5 Boston College vs. #12 Wake Forest

Game 3 (7:00): #7 Maryland vs. #10 N.C. State

Game 4 (9:00): #6 Virginia Tech vs. #11 Georgia Tech

Update: Here's my ugly home-made bracket. Someone make a prettier one, stat:


Quarterfinals (Friday)

Game 1 (Noon): 8/9 Winner vs. #1 UNC

Game 2 (2:00): 5/12 Winner vs. #4 Clemson

Game 3 (7:00): 7/10 Winner vs. #2 Duke

Game 4 (9:00): 6/11 Winner vs. #3 Florida St.

Again, I'll update with a bracket when I either find one or make one

You have to like the breakdown. Maryland just beat N.C. State pretty easily, and they match up pretty well with the Wolfpack; certainly better than they do with Miami. And Maryland also avoids facing UNC, another bad matchup, and instead getting Duke, who they played decently both times during the season.

Hey, I doubt Maryland will make a run, but if they were going to, this is the group to do it against. And this way, there's a pretty solid chance Maryland will be playing to at least the second day. Whether that's good or bad is up to you.