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Maryland Minute 3.4.11 - Lady Terps Fall in ACCT First Round, Plus Senior Day Links

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WBB: Lady Terps Fall in First Round of ACCT to Georgia Tech
Ugh. Rebounding hurt a lot with this one. Turnovers did, too - there were 23 of them (though there were even more for GT, shockingly). I feel like the women's team is following the same path as the men's team post-natty.

Still, Maryland will probably be in the top 25 to end the year and a 6 seed or so in the NCAAT. The real year to make a run is still two or three seasons down the road.

Terrapins Insider - Gary Williams: Maryland's seniors faced 'tough situation' this season
I'd agree with that, and I'd also point out that it was mostly him who put them in that situation, but that's a discussion for a later date. It's been a relatively down senior class.

In a class all by itself - The Diamondback
The Diamondback looks back on the relatively non-illustrious careers of Adrian Bowie, Dino Gregory, and Cliff Tucker.

Maryland's seniors hope to end up-and-down season on a high note
For everyone's sake, I hope they do, too. This place would explode with a season-ending loss to UVA on Senior Day.

Hoos hope for more defensive balance | Daily Progress
A brief preview of tomorrow's game. UVA did everything right the first time around as it pertained to Jordan Williams; they did everything wrong as it pertained to everyone else.

Tracking the Terps: Terps coordinator wants "fast-paced" offense
A little more on Crowton's offensive approach.

Crowton said today that Miles favored "a more conservative style" than Crowton does. Crowton doesn't question LSU's success, but he said he was ready to move on to another approach. Crowton said: "My true inner nature (is) I want to be exciting and open and fast-paced." He said he likes to employ the no-huddle and a lot of shotgun and hopes that at the end of the season his run-pass ratio is about 50-50.