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ESPNU Goes "All Access" With Maryland Terrapins Basketball, Check It Out

ESPNU did an "All-Access" type deal with Maryland basketball prior to the Miami game yesterday, taking you behind-the-scenes (relatively speaking) of Maryland's basketball practice.

If you, like me, didn't get to see that, Testudo's own jonnyboy, a commenter here, uploaded the episode to YouTube in four parts. I have no idea how long they'll stay up, so get 'em while they're hot. Thanks go out to jonny for uploading it; check it out below: 

A few thoughts:

  • Gary talked a lot about his assistants. On that note, Rob Ehsan is a beast. He put in work coaching Jordan one-on-one and seems very natural discussing coaching with Gary and Bino. He's definitely going somewhere here.
  • I'm assuming Keith Booth was sick or something, because he was nowhere to be found. Otherwise, I think we have a problem.
  • The tour with Dino Gregory was pretty cool. Nothing ground-breaking, but he's just a likeable guy.
  • Gary's chair in film study looks ridiculously comfortable. That's the life right there.
  • Watching Bino Ranson in practice was arguably the most entertaining thing about the video. He's a very animated character. Reminds me of one of my Y coaches back in the day.
  • OMG Berend took a three.
  • Gary's huge on rhetorical questions. "Why don't we talk?" "Why do we get away from what we're trying to do?" Not a big rhetorical question fan myself.
  • Absolutely nothing in there that was new or groundbreaking in any way, but it was mildly entertaining and did a nice publicity job for the team/University. Good stuff.