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It's Official: Jordan Williams Enters NBA Draft, Hasn't Signed an Agent

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Well, I guess that settles the first half of the equation: Jordan Williams sent out a press release announcing that he's filed his paperwork for the NBA Draft, planning to "test the waters" and "[see] where I would be." Via Jeff Barker:

"I'm excited about testing the waters and seeing where I would be," Jordan Williams said in a news release. "It's always been a dream of mine to play at the next level. This will give me an opportunity to get feedback from some NBA coaches and scouts on what parts of my game need improvement in order to be successful." ...

"We support Jordan in his efforts to see where he stands in regards to the NBA Draft," Maryland coach Gary Williams said.

Right now, this seems like a "he has no intentions to go pro!" type of thing, with "testing the waters" emphasized. In fact, if you listen to the quotes, it doesn't even seem like staying in is a legitimate option, though I think most people will think otherwise. And they'll probably be right.

Like I said up above, this is only the first half of the problem, and I think everyone knew it was going to happen. The real question has been (and will be) whether or not he'll pull out of the draft and return to Maryland for another year. He'll likely be told that he'll be a second round pick, with the potential to go undrafted. Whether or not that'll drive him back to the college game, no one knows. Right now, I don't think it's terribly likely.

He has until May 8 to do that. And it's a good thing I just wrote a bunch about Jordan's decision.