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Maryland Minute - 03.28.11 - Time to Kick Off Spring Practice in Football

Not much going on today, aside from the Jordan news. I think people need to 1). not freak out at every tweet, facebook update, etc. that happens over the next month. No matter what we do, it's not going to change anything. And no matter what Jordan does, you're not in his shoes and don't and never will know all the details, so leave the kid alone.

Now, onto today's MM...

Tracking the Terps: Five things to watch for as Terps open spring drills - Jeff Barker -
Jeff Barker looks at 5 things to watch in Spring practice...

Terps open practice on Tuesday - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Dinich breaks down the start of the Terps' spring practice.

Five Terps to watch as football springs to action
CSN Baltimore looks at 5 football players to watch this spring.

Lofty dreams fade for baseball as realities of ACC hit hard - The Diamondback - Sports
The baseball team has struggled after their fast start. Hopefully they can pull it back together.

Terps Head to NCATA Championships as No. 2 Seed
Competitive cheer earns the #2 seed, despite beating the #1 seed and going 8-0. Sounds BCS-esque.