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Good News: Maryland's Spring Football Practice Kicks Off on Tuesday

Posting was light over the weekend; sorry about that. I was pretty sick and didn't feel up to creating any analysis-type posts, and basically nothing newsworthy happened, so that explains the lack of posts. We've officially hit the spring doldrums.

But it might be ending soon with any luck: spring football practice starts up for Maryland tomorrow! Normally that's pretty yawn-worthy, but not this year: given the season Maryland basketball just enduredthe season Maryland football enjoyed, and the whole Randy Edsall thing, football is a pretty welcome attraction.

Oh, and this:


I know the last time I tried this it didn't quite work out. But this one is far more realistic. Hey, he was the conference's best rookie last year, the best QB south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and stands at the helm of a team that won 9 games last season. Both last year's winner (VT's Tyrod Taylor) and his only legitimate competition (N.C. State's Russell Wilson) are gone. Sounds like he has a pretty good chance to me. Seriously, completely non-jokingly, he has to be a front-runner for this, right along with Montel Harris. Right?

I'll be right about one of these eventually, mark my words.

As for content: over the next few weeks, there'll be the normal news-plus-commentary posts when stuff pops up (academic problems, injuries, unforeseen position battles, etc) as well as some analysis stuff on position battles and things to watch during spring ball.

Until that stuff happens, give me some thoughts on next year's team. Ceiling, floor, and prediction. Go. (Mine: 4-8, 10-2, 11-3.)