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Maryland Minute 2.25.11 - Terps Reveal Spring Football Depth Chart

Remember when all of those crazy lineup changes went down and we said we needed to see the depth chart to make more sense of them? Yeah, well, we have it now. Via Patrick Stevens, who posted both the offensive and defensive depth charts earlier today (still not available on the official site...sigh). We'll have the traditional link-heavy MM past the jump, but first some thoughts on the depth chart:

Davin Meggett is listed as the starter at RB ahead of D.J. Adams, and that's probably true, but expect DJA to get a lot of touches. I love his swagger, and he's Maryland's most decisive back since...Keon Lattimore? Keeping with the skill positions, the starting WRs are Kevin Dorsey, Quintin McCree, and Ronnie Tyler. No surprise: they're going with experience. The current #2s are Devin Burns, Adrian Coxson, and Kerry Boykins. I wouldn't be surprised to see Coxson catch McCree or true freshman Nigel King gain ground on Devin Burns.

As for the defensive line, A.J. Francis is shockingly tied with Maurice Hampton at DT. Francis will probably win out, but that's very interesting. David Mackall is also tied with Bradley Johnson at the epically-named "Rock", which is one of the DE spots. I know some people were upset when Mackall moved, but I never got it; he's a top-notch pass rusher, so let's let him do it.

The three safeties that moved to LB are all at another new-name position: "Star", which sounds almost as cool as Rock. Given the type of players at the depth chart there, I'm guessing it's a Rover-type of spot, which is fine with me given the talents of Kenny Tate and Desmond Kearse. Darin Drakeford and Demetrius Hartsfield are the other two starters. (Random thought: Maryland has a lot of options as far as formation goes without changing personnel. With the personnel they have on the field, they could go 4-3, 3-4, or 3-3-5.)

Our boy Cameron Chism is starting across from the underrated Trenton Hughes at CB, of course. One of the worries when the safeties made a mass exodus to LB was safety depth, and it's still a concern. Both of the S starters - Eric Franklin and Matt Robinson - are both linebacker-ish types. That leaves Maryland vulnerable deep, which was a problem last year. I wouldn't be surprised to see Titus Till crack the rotation in passing downs.

Linkage past the jump.

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