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Maryland Minute 3.23.11 - Post-Commitment Justin Anderson Mixtape

What a lovable guy
What a lovable guy

You know it's the offseason when the lead story is a new mixtape of a Terps commit.  Either that, or Justin Anderson really is that awesome.  Regardless, enjoy the beauty that is Justin Anderson's new mixtape...

Justin Anderson Mixtape
First off, he'll get a ridiculous amounts of and-one dunks. Secondly, the alley-oop potential here is insane. Third, he actually looks like a force blocking the ball (think LeBron-style follow blocks). And fourth, yeah, he'll be pretty good. - BB

My Take: Fifth, his dunk at 3:10 is just plain nasty. 

Hoyas beat Terps, set up date with No. 1 UConn - Washington Times
That loss hurt. Stupid Sugar Rodgers and her lucky shots, including one when the shot clock was winding down and she threw up a prayer, one-handed shot that banked off the glass and went in. - DT

Torrey Smith talks NFL Draft (Video!)
Definitely worth the three minute view. What a great representative of the university.

Williams, Veterans Come Up Short - ACC Sports Journal

A really good rundown of the Terps' season. Also, a non-biased observer doesn't think JWill's ready either.

"Hopefully, whoever is advising Williams will recognize that the youngster still has serious flaws in his game and clearly needs at least another year of development. No NBA scout who watched Williams play down the stretch would evaluate the big forward as a first-round draft pick. Williams, who is listed at 6-10 but probably is closer to 6-8, needs to develop more polished post moves and a better ability to face the basket."

New Mexico Assistant Craig Neal to Interview for GT Job
Neal was a former GTech player so he's got that going for him. He's also had some success as an assistant at both Iowa and New Mexico. Still, this wouldn't be a real fear-inspiring hire.

Sources: Mike Anderson accepts Arkansas Razorbacks job - ESPN
That's one potential (long-shot) candidate off the NC State wish-list.