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Maryland Minute 3.16.11 - The Decision: Justin Anderson


Justin Anderson to Announce Tomorrow

Wow, things change quickly.  Like in the two minutes between the time I posted the MM and IMS tweeted the news.  (Props to terps319 for the FanPost).  

I've got really good vibes on this one.  No promises, but I think tomorrow should be a fun day around here.  

Justin Anderson to Announce March 22nd

This program could really use some good news, and Justin Anderson to MD would qualify as super, effing awesome good news.

New Justin Anderson Dunk

For your viewing pleasure...

Tracking the Terps: Looking at Jordan Williams' decision

It's little too early to dive into the Jordan Williams NBA talk but I found this interesting:

"The toughest part about being Jordan Williams is all the speculation -- the people who give him advice that have no business giving him advice," Gary Williams said."

I guess we know what Gary thinks Jordan Williams should do.

NFL lockout on the minds of former Terps working out for scouts -

You do really have to feel for guys like Moten who may slip through the cracks and not a get a shot to be a UFA.  Also, there's this:

"Asked whether the Ravens were among the teams that sought a private workout, Smith smiled and said: "Top-secret information."

Still keeping my fingers crossed on this one. 

Terps Show Off for the Pros

Some interesting notes on today's pro day. Good to hear that Moten knocked some time off his 40.

Greg Pyke down to Bama and Maryland?

Only a teaser from IMS but the title says it all. Adding another big-time O-Lineman would be huge for this class. 

NFL labor leader will speak at graduation - The Diamondback

There was an editorial in The Diamondback today complaining about the selection. Personally, I think it's an awesome choice. Then again, I'm a sports fan.