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Maryland Minute - 03.14.11 - More on Maryland's NIT Snub & Some Football News

ENGELKE: Terps' snubbing is just silly - The Diamondback - Sports
Pretty good piece on the NIT snub.

Report: Seantrel Henderson suspended for UM season opener
It's about three days old, but I didn't see it earlier, so...yeah. Miami's starting LT might be out for the Maryland game on Labor Day. -BB

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Notes on Gibbs, Whittington - Matt Bracken -
The more I read about Gibbs, the more I like him. I hope he ends up like his brother...

Recruiting Report: Greg Whittington talks Georgetown commitment - Matt Bracken -
Seems like he wanted Georgetown the whole time. My favorite part are some of the people who commented on the story.

Faust, Breunig in NeXt All-American Classic
Cool spelling, guys. Other participants include Jahii Carson, Ben McLemore, Dorian Finney-Smith, Norvel Pelle, DeAndre Daniels, and Adjehi Baru. Hopefully we can find a stream or something. Also, pretty cool to see Breunig getting some pub. - BB

N.C. State Fires Lowe, Top Four Candidates are Ridiculously Unrealistic
Seriously? Is this real?

From talking to several sources the past week, including one inside the N.C. State athletic department, I can confirm that - at least at the moment - Yow’s top choices for the job are Rick Barnes, Sean Miller, Tubby Smith and Mark Fox.

Barnes and Miller? Seriously? LOL. Barnes is at the best job in America. Miller isn't leaving Zona anytime soon. Smith might consider it, but even so he's not a great hire. Plus, they have to compete for him with Arkansas. I do like Fox a lot though. He'd be a good, not amazing, hire for them. Hopefully that's where they go. -BB

My take - bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. LOL x 1,000,000 if NC State fans actually think Barnes is leaving to go to State. Listen, I like NC State. I visited there and considered going there for school (only if I didn't get into Maryland). It's a nice school. But it hasn't really been relevant in basketball since 1983. Great tradition, but I think most people would tell you it's not a job at the top of the list of most coaches. Also, not sure the firing is "official" yet.

Here, Drool Over Chris Thomas Some More
:47 of "aaaaaaaah." The good news: his HS (AAU?) team is wearing Under Armour.

Good Counsel lineman Michael Madaras picks Maryland, the school he always wanted to attend - Recruiting Insider - The Washington Post
Love guys like this.

"I’ve always liked Maryland and always wanted to go there," said Madaras, who became one of the Washington area’s first high school junior football players to make his decision. "The icing on the cake was that Coach [Randy] Edsall is there now and he’s changing everything and turning things around.

Whoa, that last sentence is crazy. Edsall's "the icing on the cake"? Sounds good to me. But if you that was crazy, uh...

"The boy is the package. I had about five or six schools tell me he is as good or has equal ability to Cyrus Kouandjio."

I don't think so, but if it's true, yeah, I'd take that. -BB

My take - Edsall is making the inroads. Lets keep this momentum going!

Terps Notebook: W LAX remains unbeaten
Lady Terps continue to dominate in Lacrosse. 5-star Impressed with Terps
It's a pay wall, but Eddie Goldman, the five star beast from Edison Friendship high, apparently likes the Terps. Yes please.

After setback in Atlanta, baseball looks to stop recent skid vs. Flames - The Diamondback - Sports
Erik Bakich is the man.

"I think everybody's pissed; nobody wants to lose. ... I've never been a part of much losing in my life," Bakich said. "I probably don't handle it the best, but I don't want to handle losing the best because I don't want to lose much."