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Kevin Anderson: Maryland and Under Armour "Will Compete With Nike and Oregon"

Hey, look, more uniform talk. This time it comes from Jeff Barker from the Baltimore Sun, who talked to Kevin Anderson and got a confirmation that, yes, new uniforms are coming. And more importantly, there's a "Maryland brand" in development. Ooooooooh.

Emphasis mine:

One of the aims is to emphasize "Maryland," much as Texas football features "Texas" on its uniform fronts or the Orioles now have "Baltimore" on their road jerseys.


"Under Armour has helped us come up with new images to highlight the State of Maryland and the university," athletic director Kevin Anderson said Monday. "I truly believe that when we come out with a Maryland brand, it will be second to none. It will directly compete with Nike and what Nike does for Oregon."

Hey, welcome to the party.

Now, he says it's too early to talk about or reveal the designs, but the added emphasis on "Maryland" and the decreased use of "Terps" gibes with those leaked shots we saw earlier, which feature the new "Maryland" logo on the helmet and on the front of the uniform. 

As far as branding goes, I'm not sure how I feel about "Terps" going away. I'm not really sure it matters, though. As far as building a brand goes, the most important thing right now is putting forth a concentrated effort to actually build and create one. That looks like that's what's happening, so that's good news.

Oh, and I guess this means that Plank and UA are still in the fold. Phew.