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NIT Selection Show Open Thread

Bowie's last stand.
Bowie's last stand.

The Field of 68 is now out; remember to check out, print, and fill out SBN's printable bracket. All of that tourney talk's going to have to wait, though, because the real star of the show right now is the NIT Selection Show.

Yeah, I know, "blech." But like it or not, that's where Maryland's headed, and it's on TV, so...yeah. It only makes sense. If you want to check it out and watch Maryland's path roll out in real time, the Selection Show is on ESPNU at 9:00.

Some people still think that Maryland might be on the bubble, but I find that difficult to believe. Regardless, we'll know for sure in a few hours. Leave any and all thoughts in the comments below. I'll be here, so there's that.