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Maryland Minute 3.11.11 - Billy Packer says Maryland "should never be out of the top 25"

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Later today I'll have some more on football recruiting and a few thoughts on the season at large. This isn't a very big MM, I know, but it'll do for now.

D.C. Sports Bog - Billy Packer: Maryland should never be out of the top 25
My posting this has nothing to do with the timing of the recent loss. I clipped it prior to the game. Anyway, Packer throws some fuel on the fire.

"The University of Maryland is, in my estimation, a program that should never be out of the top 25," Packer said. "Their recruiting base, their tradition, their heritage, their position in the Atlantic Coast Conference. They should have players -- and they really don't have players -- of the magnitude to be a top 25 team, year in and year out. That would be something Maryland has to do something about. They've got to get better players in order to be the kind of team they're capable of being."

No, he's not saying "Fire Gary", but he is critiquing the current state of the program; it's actually pretty similar to the position I've taken lately. Maryland can do better, and hopefully Gary will get them there. I actually think that's on the horizon. Is it going to be sustained? Who knows.

One other interesting thing: the media usually eats out of the palm of Gary's hand. This is the first time I've heard a media member semi-criticize him.

Baseball Opens Up ACC Play With Loss At Georgia Tech " Terrapin Station
Can any of our sports win? Seriously, though, completely different situation. A 1-0 loss to GT is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I'm kind of proud of it, in a way. The Jackets are a legitimate program - Nomar and Wieters came through Atlanta, remember. Baby steps.

Terrapins Rising: Turtle Bytes - Coach Edsall talks about Winter Conditioning
Wow. Apparently Terrapins Rising isn't enough; they have to do a new, incremental feature called "Turtle Bytes." Ready for updates on football's winter conditioning? I am. Kind of boring, but probably better than basketball.

Roman Braglio Highlights
Take a gander. Looks like he works hard and is stronger than he appears at first glance. He has some speed, too.

Maryland Fan Sets A High Bar For Memorable Tournament-Time Hair Styles
Just in case you didn't see it.