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ACC Tournament: Maryland-Duke GameThread

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And so it begins. May the hair lead us to victory over The Alien. Either Maryland pulls off the shocker and continues this terribly vicious tease, or we can finally put this season to rest.

Game is on at 7:00 on Raycom (boooooooooooooo). That means it's local-only it'll also be broadcast on ESPN2 nationally if you're outside of "the ACC area". I'm sure someone will put up a stream. If you're watching a stream, please be so kind as to share what it is in the comments (nothing is more annoying than 15 people going "STREAM!?").

Random, Baseless Prediction: Maybe not quite so random nor baseless, but I'm going with what my gut says: Terrell Stoglin goes HAM tonight. Seriously, we're talking Gilchrist-esque crazy in a good way. Maybe it's just some subconscious wishful thinking, but I just have a hunch. And if you want something more baseless...uh, let's go with Mychal Parker getting some playing time.

I still don't think Maryland is good enough to win this one, but I do think they'll stay in the game. Duke by double-digits, but it's closer than it looks.