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Maryland-N.C. State GameThread

Let's bring back old Cliff, eh?
Let's bring back old Cliff, eh?

First and foremost, LOL @ UVA. HAHA DO YOU FEEL OUR PAIN NOW? (I'm going to go cry now that all those Gone in :54 memories have been reopened.) Oh, and this can function as the GameThread for the second half of BC/Wake, though I'm not sure anyone actually wants to watch that.

Now, for the matter at hand: game is at 7:00 on ESPN2 (thank God no Raycom). We'll have any and all links in the comments down there.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Dino Gregory has a poor game, but James Padgett - of all people - picks up some of the slack. Also, Cliff Tucker explodes. And hey, let's go for the threesome: Scott Wood hits two consecutive second-half three-pointers and causes a collective freakout among Maryland fans about our "terrible perimeter defense."

My gut is saying Maryland by at least double digits, but my gut also had Maryland doing way better over the final two games of the season. I'll say Maryland by around 7 or 8 for the moment, but don't hold me to that.