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Maryland Minute 3.9.11 - Is Maryland still on the bubble? (NIT, that is)

So you're saying there's a chance?

A tweeter who calls himself "Chicago Basketball" says that MD is probably one of the last two teams out right now. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but at the very least they'll need to beat NC State and upset Duke if they want to even be in the conversation.

Update: Nope, the NIT one. Yikes.

Tucker's Last Chance - IMS

IMS bringing the (free) goods. By far the most interesting part of the article...

"Tucker could enroll in graduate school at Maryland and have one year of eligibility to play football."

No, really. Imagine the 6' 6 Tucker redeeming his inconsistent basketball career by catching the game winning touchdown pass in the ACC Championship game. A man can dream, right? 

Tracking the Terps: Terps-Wolfpack: ACC tournament notes

Some nice tidbits here from Jeff Barker. Among the most exciting...

"Mike (Parker) has no fear, I know that," Gary Williams said. "He goes out there and just plays. I like that part of his game. He is a pretty tough guy."

If Gary's warming up to the guy, I'd imagine he's going to see increased minutes next year and that's a good thing. 

In Greensboro, it’s go time - The Diamondback

Nothing you don't know but still a nice read to get you ready for tonight's game.

Varsity Letters: D.C. Showcase basketball features area standouts -

This is kinda old but I haven't seen it before. Nick Faust and Greg Whittington will both be representing the South team in D.C. on March 20th. Hopefully Faust gets in his ear but I'm not too optimistic on this one. 

Wrestling places six in NCAA Championships field

Not too shabby. Best of luck to the guys.