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It's Official: Maryland Hanging Greivis Vasquez's Banner on Feb. 20 Against N.C. State

Considering how the Maryland-Longwood game went, the biggest news wasn't actually the game. It was what was announced during the game: that Greivis Vasquez's banner will be raised to the rafters at halftime of the Feb. 20 game against N.C. State.

We already had a pretty good idea this was coming, and it's still a good idea for all the reasons discussed at the linked post: Greivis completely deserves the banner, the timing is good on all sides, and he never lost to the Wolfpack, so it's only fitting he delivers one final dagger to them.

There's not much more to say - Greivis is one of Gary Williams' best three or four players ever and won the Cousy Award, and that's good enough for a banner in my (and most others') book.

I'll leave you with this:

The ultimate showman.

Update: At the behest of kckb8, I also leave you with one of Vasquez's crowning moments: the entirely unnecessary "F YOU" to the N.C. State fanbase.