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Maryland Minute - 02.08.11 - Profiling Maryland Basketball Players

Apparently yesterday was "profile Maryland basketball players day." Guess we didn't get the message here at Testudo Times.

I had to make this one first, simply because when else are we going to be able to lead off a story in the MM that's about Levent?

Terp finds the best seat at Comcast | Kevin Dunleavy | College | Washington Examiner
Nice piece on Levent. Interesting that Gary thinks he can contribute, but that when he grabs a rebound, he's bumped and forced to walk due to his lack of bulk, which is why he doesn't play more. I bet he has a career high in minutes tonight.

Despite limited action, Terps' Palsson brings energy to court - Carroll County Times: Maryland Terrapins
Good piece on Hawk.

Haukur Palsson a pleasant surprise for Terps. -
More Hawk love.

Gary Williams reflects on milestone victory - CSN Washington
Gary got his 664th career win, tying him with John Wooden for 22nd on the all-time win list. I think we mentioned it in the recap from the Wake game, but here are Gary's thoughts.

Time for Terps to make a move -CSN Washington
Yup. It's now or never...

The Official Athletic Site of the Atlantic Coast Conference - Athletics asked "who is the midseason MVP?" I chimed in with Jordan Williams. Take Jordan off this team and we'd be pretty bad... - Blogger Power Poll
Want to know what other ACC bloggers think about teams in the conference? Here's your answer. I compile these results each week. The latest one should be coming out tomorrow.

Season of change for Maryland - ACC Blog - ESPN
I don't know why people are making as big a deal about these coaching changes. Are coaches important? Sure. Are they SUPER important in football? Not as much as they are in basketball. Coaches in football are important, especially in regards to recruiting, but I don't think Maryland will really take a step back this year. And if they hire Shannon, they're definitely in better shape than with Ralph. Dinich tries to argue that the new coaches aren't better than keeping "The ACC's coach of the year" but doesn't point out that he was 2-10 the year before (which is why he won COY) and that recruiting had suffered greatly and that he would be a lame duck coach. Pretty sure we're better off, Heather. And I'm pretty sure we'll have 9+ wins again this year.