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Tuesday Hypothetical: How Would You Finish Out Maryland's 2011 Class?

Okay, here's a fun, recruiting-based hypothetical to pass the time: let's say you're Gary Williams. Because you're Gary Williams, I should probably make sure you know Maryland's current recruiting situation (just kidding): Maryland has two scholarships left, with three major remaining targets in the 2011 class and one transfer possibility. It's getting later, and options are thinning.

So, you're sitting in your office, and you get four phone calls, simultaneously. And each of Martin Breunig, Greg Whittington, Desmond Hubert, and Wally Judge says he wants to play at Maryland.

First, you pop open some Cristal, start smoking a cigar, and book a noon tee-time, because you're Gary ****ing Williams and that's how you roll. Now, though, you have to figure out which two to take and how to break the bad news to the other two. You let Bino and Ehsan handle that last part - gotta earn their money somehow, right? - but as the head man, you have to make the final call on which two to take.

So, do you bring in Hubert, the 6-8, rail-thin post player with great blocking instincts but a middling offensive game? Or Whittington, the 6-9, versatile combo forward that Maryland's lacked for years, albeit getting his kicks against far inferior competition? Or Breunig, a mysterious 6-9 German who seems like a more athletic (if worse shooting) Kyle Singler? Or Judge, the 6-9 former McDonald's All-American who transferred out of Kansas State earlier in the year?

A few things to keep in mind: Judge would require the use of a scholarship, even though he would have to sit out a year due to transfer rules - he'd have two years of eligibility once he's able to play. And before making any decisions, you may want to check out this highlight reel for Breunig, in which he looks seriously awesome - he looks athletic, comfortable handling the ball, surprisingly fast, and even possesses a decent inside game. And, for the record, we're assuming that all four would get through Maryland's admissions board and suit up for the Terrapins at least for the entirety of their first year on campus.

Now, done deliberating? Good. Because it's time to choose. You go with: