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Maryland Minute 2.6.11 - Former Terp Williams Wins NFL Man of the Year Award

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Madieu Williams Named Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year
Congrats go out to a great person and a great Terp. This is the type of thing that makes you proud to be a fan of UMD sports.

Bubble Watch on Maryland's Chances: Yikes

Maryland is in serious danger of dropping off the Bubble Watch for good. It's not like losing to Duke at home -- which Maryland did Wednesday night -- is such a bad thing. It's just that the Duke game was Maryland's best chance to get a marquee win, something the Terps desperately need if they plan to keep their NCAA tournament hopes on the realistic side. It didn't help that the loss put their RPI into the 70s, which can be serious no-man's-land when the committee starts taking a hard look. Expect that RPI to fall even further this week, as Maryland hosts Wake Forest and Longwood before next week's trips to Boston College and Virginia Tech. By that point, those games will be close to must-wins.

Anyone else think that's a little over the top, or is it just me? There are still four chances for decent victories (@BC, @VT, home vs. FSU, and @UNC), and if they win two or three, they'll definitely be on the bubble.

Maryland Nowhere to be Found in Bracketology
Thought they'd at least be in the next four out.

Vasquez's Tip Leads Terps to Younger Mayo
Paywall, but Maryland is apparently now tracking Todd Mayo, little brother of O.J. Mayo with a similar type of game. Mayo's recruitment has skyrocketed over the past few months, with Marquette, Providence, and Kansas all watching him at some point or another. I'd be surprised if anything came of this, but we'll keep an eye open.

Jeremiah Wilson Switching to Offense?
Sounds like it. Guess he'll end up at RB, where Maryland could use some depth. I'd be surprised to see him get on the field - he'll be behind D.J. Adams, Davin Meggett, and Gary Douglas - but at least Maryland will have another scholarship RB on the depth chart.

Tony Logan Changing His Uni to #1
Taking the place of Adrian Moten for the #1-wearer. Interesting.