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Back to Hoops Recruiting: Terps Offer German Wing Martin Breunig

Meet Maryland, the World Market of hoopsters. via <a href=""></a>
Meet Maryland, the World Market of hoopsters. via

 Long time since a basketball recruiting post, huh? Props to bloodwatermission getting this a few hours ago in the FanPosts, but I figured I'd front-page the news in case you don't check the FPs regularly: according to Euro hoops site European Prospects, Maryland recently offered 6-9 German wing Martin Breunig. Breunig is a 2011 prospect and is currently playing at St. John's NW in Wisconsin.

Breunig's an intriguing prospect. He's a natural wing with amazing size (a legit 6-9, if various reports are to be believed) and a well-rounded offensive game. I can't remember the last long, offensively talented swingman Maryland's had. He'd be like our own Kyle Singler, only much less annoying and severely less ugly.

The same guys that first reported Maryland's offer also happens to have his most comprehensive list (scroll down a little, he's in the list): MD looks like the first big school to offer him, alongside various others mid-major programs along the lines of Maine, USF, and UW-Green Bay. But don't fret: it also has him receiving interest from high-majors, like USC, Marquette, Oregon State, and Cincinnati, so maybe more impressive offers are to come. If you read around enough, you'll notice that most think he's leaning Marquette's way right now, but we'll see.

There's a dearth of information floating around about Breunig right now, but there is at least a little bit of video, if you're the workout-watching type. He looks like he's comfortable handling the ball and his stroke looks pretty good, too. Perhaps most surprising was his athleticism - I know no one was guarding him really, but did anyone expect him to throw down a windmill? Or go between the legs at the end of the video? That athleticism also lets him elevate even higher when shooting, which should make it pretty much impossible to block his shot considering he's 6-9 to start with.

He played with the German U18 team in last season's European Championships, averaging about 9 points and 5 boards. His standout performance was a 15-point, 9-rebound performance against Bulgaria, which is nice, but then again, it's Bulgaria.

Is he better than Greg Whittington, who's similar in a lot of ways? Don't know. His competition is probably a little bit better, but both come off as projects right now (Breunig for his lack of exposure to the American game, Whitt because of the poor competition he's faced). Breunig's early offer might indicate a level of preference over Whittington, or it may not. That's something only Gary Williams knows for sure.

Anyway, recruiting looks down to Desmond Hubert, Whittington, and Breunig at this point. I'm sure some names will pop up, as they always do, and we'll keep tabs on them. Until then, I guess it's a three-man race.