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Maryland-Wake Forest Gameday Guide: Terps Aim for Easy Rebound

Where: Comcast Center, College Park, MD

When: 1:00

Where to Watch: Raycom; check local listings

Line: Vegas: Maryland -21.5 KenPom: Maryland by 16


  • Perfect timing...again. Last time Maryland played Wake Forest, it was directly after a close loss to Duke. This time, they play the Deacs against a demoralizing home loss. There's no better time to play a bad team than when you need an easy rebound win.
  • Going for the tie, part II. Gary Williams missed the Wooden tie last time out. He'll get a chance to do it this afternoon. And then, thank God, I'll be able to stop talking about this (kinda silly) landmark.
  • Injuries: Nothing new for Maryland or Wake Forest, which has been without PG Tony Chennault since the start of the year.
Keys in Cliches:
  • Force turnovers. This has been one of Maryland's calling cards all year, and they should get TOs to come easily against PG-less Wake.
  • Find a perimeter scorer. This is more of a desire than a key, but Wake is a mediocre defensive team. If Maryland can't find a guard or wing to score here, we might want to just chalk it up for the year.
  • Just win. Sorry to be so straightforward, but this is the worst ACC team in years. If Maryland can't win beat them at home, I don't really know what to say. Emotion will play into it, yes, but as long as they can start okay, there's no reason they shouldn't run away with it.


Maryland         Wake Forest
Terrell Stoglin (Fr., 6-0)   C.J. Harris (So., 6-3)
Adrian Bowie (Sr., 6-2)   Gary Clark (Sr., 6-4)
Sean Mosley (Jr., 6-5)   Ari Stewart (So., 6-7)
Dino Gregory (Sr., 6-8)   Travis McKie (Fr., 6-7)
Jordan Williams (So., 6-10)   Carson Desrosiers (Fr., 7-0)

I wouldn't at all be surprised to see a lineup change for Maryland, but I'm going with what I know for now. Maryland matches up pretty well here height-wise and in terms of experience; Clark is the only senior, but this is his first year getting major playing time.



Maryland has an advantage in all the factors except for FT rate, which is improving every game. Stats say easy win.

Prediction: I know there's the potential of an emotional collapse, and that's something that can't be ignored, but Wake Forest is just too bad. If Maryland shows up - and I have no reason to expect they won't - this should be a whitewash.