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Maryland Minute 2.3.11 - What are Terps' Tourney Chances?

The 68 - How Maryland can reach the NCAA tournament without beating Duke

This was actually written before last night's game but it still rings true obviously. Is it still possible to make the tourney? Yes. Did we look like an NCAA Tournament team last night? Absolutely not.

Terrapins Insider - Better offensive rebounding a key for the Terps
Makes some sense but I still don't see the Terps beating a good team without one of the guards getting hot and scoring 13-15.

Game 22: Duke flattens Terps to prompt introspection in College Park -
Nothing that hasn't already been covered but it's a nice piece on what last night's loss means for the Terps season.

Sterling Gibbs Drops 28 in Big Game
8-16 from the floor, and a perfect 11-11 from the free throw line. The more I hear about this kid, the more I like.

Rodgers hits 3 at buzzer to lift Terps over GTech
At least one Terps basketball team is winning. Wouldn't be surprised if they crack the Top 10 when the next polls come out.

Gilman's Darius Jennings picks Virginia -
I can take this guy going to Ohio State and maybe Wake. But UVA? Ugh. - BB