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Maryland Minute - 02.24.11 - More Love for Dino Heading into the UNC Game

Maryland Basketball: Gregory ups production - Carroll County Times: Maryland Terrapins
Good piece on the new unsung hero of the season, Dino Gregory.

Terps out for blue blood - The Diamondback - Sports
Good piece on the upcoming game against UNC. FWIW, I was in the post-game interview when Gary made the comment about the Diamondback, after being asked by a Diamondback reporter about whether he liked being told his team wouldn't make the tournament. I'm 99.9999% sure Gary was joking when he said "people say and think that because they read the Diamondback." Everyone in the room laughed, including Gary. Just thought I'd clarify...

Tracking the Terps: Thoughts on hoops scoring and football's recent hire - Jeff Barker -
Some notes from Jeff Barker on football and basketball

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup - Matt Bracken -

Scorpions coach Jon Browne said in a text message Thursday night that Maryland coach Gary Williams visited Oakland Mills for a practice that day. Williams "specifically told me that there is a full scholarship for Greg should he choose to attend Maryland," Browne wrote.

Well, guess that answers the question of whether we'll use that last 2011 scholarship or save it.

2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cam Newton to the Carolina Panthers? - Mocking The Draft
Our SB Nation colleagues over at Mocking the Draft have Torrey Smith going #27 to the Falcons. They have the Ravens taking CB Jimmy Smith from Colorado one pick earlier. I don't see that happening, personally. The Ravens are pretty set at CB now after how well Josh Wilson did for them this season and with Foxworth coming back (plus Webb, Carr, Landry, and Washington). The Ravens will take the best player available in most cases, but they also want that deep threat to develop with Flacco. If Torrey was available, I really think they'd pull the trigger...

College Football Rankings: Auburn Begins The 2011 Preseason At No. 25 -
Terps didn't crack SB Nation's preseason top 25 in football (link is for 20-25 rankings). How is it that FSU is a top 5 team and Notre Dame is in there and we get left out? This is the part where I rant about preseason rankings and why the BCS is stupid, because a team like Maryland would probably not be able to make the National Title game if they went undefeated (not suggesting they will, just talking theoretical here) because preseason pollsters undervalued them and looked past them. So. Freaking. Stupid.

#1 Terps Women's Lacrosse Welcomes #3 Duke Saturday
If you want to check out some women's lacrosse, the #1 Lady Terps take on #3 Duke on Saturday. Should be a good one...