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Maryland Minute 2.23.11 - The Good and Bad from Last Night's Win

Jordan's ready for a NCAA Tournament run.  Are you?
Jordan's ready for a NCAA Tournament run. Are you?

Can Maryland get a bye in the ACC tournament?
If they win out, it's possible. If they don't, no way.

DC Sports Box - Maryland Downs Florida State, 78-62
My game recap of last night's win over FSU - Dave T.

SVP calls out MD students on Twitter
He's absolutely right. The student wall was a disgrace yesterday. You've got a middle of the pack ACC team fighting for its tournament life in a must-win game and the wall is less than 50% filled. This might require a full post...

D.C. Sports Bog - The Terps and their crowd
More bad press for the students.  Last night's attendance was inexcusable but if the Terps beat UNC and Miami, I expect Comcast will be packed for UVA.

In terms of The Diamondback, I think this is just a case of Gary being Gary. I read most of their basketball coverage, and they're rarely unfair. Having said that, if getting mad at The Diamondback helps spur this team to a 5 game win streak and NCAA Tournament birth, I'm all for it.

Oakland Mills, Whittington Win District V Title
I wonder if Gary called to congratulate him...(kidding).

Glenelg Country School, Isaiah Miles Clinch MIAA 'B' Conference Crown
Maryland targets are really bringing home the hardware. Miles dropped 18 points in the championship game

Randy Edsall: Maryland football coach gives D.C. radio station his recruiting pitch -

"Well, the reason you should come here is because anything you ever dreamed of as a young man, as a kid, you can accomplish here," Edsall told 106.7 The Fan's Eric Bickel this week, which Dan Steinberg passed along to his readers on D.C. Sports Bog. "You want to be an all-American? You can do it. You want to be all-ACC? You can do it. You want to win the ACC championship? You can do it. You can win a national championship here. But most importantly, you're gonna be able to do it at home.

"And then, what you've got to understand, football's only gonna last you so long. And when you take a look at the University of Maryland and its academics, and what a degree means from the University of Maryland, plus the networking that we're gonna get you involved with while you're here with all the people here in this metropolitan area, you're gonna have the opportunity to be able to go and do whatever you want to do for the rest of your life and be successful. And I think that's the thing.

"And you're gonna be part of a program that's gonna care about you and is gonna develop you holistically as a person, as a student and as a player. And when you get that combination, now you can be successful in whatever you want to do in life."

Are you sold?  I'm withholding judgment till I see his first class.

#3 Terps Host #14 Hoyas On Lax
At least the Maryland/Georgetown rivalry lives in some sports. If only we could start this thing up in basketball...