"We talk to [Terps assistant] coach Bino [Ranson] more than any coach," Browne said. "He’s been...


"We talk to [Terps assistant] coach Bino [Ranson] more than any coach," Browne said. "He’s been more proactive in the recruitment than anybody. He’s been to a lot of games, talked to us a lot of times and been with us. I haven’t had any conversations with Gary [Williams], though. I’ve been told that’s not what he does, that it’s his style. I just don’t understand it. We’ve talked to every other head coach."

Bracken on Whittington No AAU handlers. No shoe-company influence. Just a local, fast-rising prospect who plays 20 minutes away from College Park. And Gary can't be bothered to pick up the phone to call him one time. If there was ever an appropriate usage of the Twitter tag #smh...this would be it. [Ben B: I posted a FanShot at the same time with my own thoughts, so I'll stash them here, too: 1) Browne seems basically like Whittington's hypeman. Take his stuff with a grain of salt. 2) Good news is that Maryland shows a lot of love. Bino's doing work and that's obviously a good thing. 3) Gary still not in contact yet = bad. I know there are a thousand things that can be said about this, but the fact of the matter is that a scholarship has been extended (I would assume) and a serious recruitment is taking place. That's the situation where Gary needs at least to go to a game and talk to the coach. 4) Breunig is still Priority 1A at the moment, so maybe this is all a moot point.]