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Terrapins' Stoglin Named ACC Rookie of the Week

Terrell Stoglin has been outstanding over the past week. The ACC agrees, too, and they just named him the conference's Rookie of the Week.

Stoglin had two consecutive 25-point games, adding in 9 assists against N.C. State. They're career-highs for Stoglin and were his two best games of the season. His strong performance might be a turning point for Maryland, which has lacked consistent perimeter scorers and point guard play since the season began. He's obviously a natural scorer with a great feel and his quickness is surprisingly good. Perhaps more importantly than that, though, he proved a solid distributor, with great court vision and a very high A/TO ratio.

I'm still trying to think of a good comparison for Stoglin. Tyrese Rice is what everyone said really early in the process, and I think that might be even more correct now. His scoring ability is as rare as Rice's, and his quickness matches up, too. Actually, his quickness is the most surprising thing about him: no one ever mentioned it during the recruitment, but he out-quicked Ryan Harrow, the supposed quickest guard in the 2010 class. That's an elite skill right there.

If Stoglin can keep this up, Maryland might make a run. If both of those happen, he should make a run at ACC First Team All-Rookie. The last time Maryland had that was Jordan Williams, and he turned out okay.