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Maryland Minute 2.20.11 - Remembering When Bias Beat Carolina, 25 Years Ago

Solid win last night. But before we move too far forward, something deserves some looking back:

Remembering Len Bias' Victory at UNC, 25 Years Ago - Slate
Had no idea Bias toppled Carolina 25 years ago last night. Before my time, but bone-chilling nonetheless.

In the clutch, in what should have been a desperate moment, against the No. 1 team, Len Bias took it to the rim backwards, because he could. Because he was that much better than anyone.


Len Bias beat Carolina. There was no one to shout it to, nothing to do with the joy but wrap it up and hold it, reverberating, inside the ribcage. Len Bias beat Carolina. It was true, and if you were lucky enough to know it, you would know it forever.

The post may secondarily be about how we consume such moments now, but some of the description of the Definitely worth a read, either to go through it for the first time or to relive those feelings all over again.

Terps shake off slow start, rip Detroit in lacrosse opener - D1scourse
John Tillman gets his first win as a Terrapin with a 16-4 blowout of Detroit. Things didn't start particularly well, though, as UDM was up 2-1 after the first quarter.

Early season lacrosse look-in: Maryland - D1scourse
Patrick Stevens is the resident authority on Maryland lax, so get to reading on his season preview.

WBB: FSU puts away Maryland
Unfortunately, Maryland couldn't follow up the upset of Duke with another upset of FSU on the road.

Nick Faust Was at the Game, Too
Faust was in attendance. No biggie, considering he already signed, but hopefully he got the chance to speak to Whittington and Breunig.

Former Terp Jason Herrick glad to be home trying to make Chicago Fire
A nice little profile of native Chicagoan and former Terrapin Jason Herrick trying to make his hometown MLS team's squad.