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Maryland-N.C. State GameThread: The Greivis Game

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Game is at 5:30 on FSN - that would be CSN for the locals. Streams will be in the comments, if there are any. It's a big game, but not for record purposes: Greivis Vasquez is getting his banner raised, the 2001 Final Four team is getting honored, and both Martin Breunig and Greg Whittington will be in attendance. Hopefully the atmosphere will be solid; if it wasn't for Vasquez, I'm sure it would be pitiful.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Terrell Stoglin has two second-half three-pointers. He drops 15 or more. Corner-turning, baby.

Like I said earlier, I'm expecting Maryland to win by a comfortable margin, but I wouldn't be shocked if N.C. State came together to pull it off. My gut still says Maryland by 10-15 or so.