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Duke-Maryland GameThread

Game is at 9:00 on ESPN, called by Bilas and Shulman. Online streamers will have ESPN3 as an online option, but due to the fact that Homeland Security seized a half-dozen streaming sites yesterday, the options are a little thin. Any links will be in the comments.

Good news! Dave Neal will be the building. Hopefully Maryland channels the spirit of his pick.

Good news, part II! R&R Pt. II is back. Probably. It's supposed to be "Hey, go Terps" instead of "Hey, you suck," but I'm guessing it'll be "Hey, **** Duke." That may mean it's a one-off shot, but if they're going to bring it back for one game, this was the game to do it for.

(Unless they're hoping for everyone to say "**** Duke," so they can point to this game when they stop doing it in the future. It's the conspiracy theorist in me).

Random Baseless Prediction: Cliff Tucker drops at least 15.

Part of me really wants to say Duke by 5, but I'm just as convinced that Maryland will win by 3. So we'll go with that one.