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Maryland Minute 2.18.11 - Whittington Visiting College Park This Weekend

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Dave Telep: Greg Whittington is Visiting Maryland This Weekend
Meaning the Sunday game will have Greivis Vasquez, the 2001 FF team, Whittington, and Breunig. Wow. For as depressing a team as this, their next game is really exciting.

The Shutdown 40: #19 - Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland - Shutdown Corner
Shutdown's scouting report of Torrey Smith. They say he's the third-most coveted WR in the draft, provided he can run a 4.4.

Meyer's Mailbag: Can Terps attract top talent?
Meyer doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know, but it's worth checking out anyway for a national perspective.

Simply put, [Gary Williams] doesn't want to play the recruiting "game." Williams has had success at Maryland, and one of his top characteristics is his stubbornness. He sticks to his style and his approach and it rubs off on his team on the court. I wouldn't expect anything about the way he runs his program to change any time soon.

Now Maryland does get ranked prospects, but they are usually in the mid to lower four-star range. Jordan Williams is a great example of an undervalued four-star prospect. Greivis Vasquez also fits into this category.

So when the pieces come together and players develop over time in the Maryland program, the Terrapins can compete at a very high level. Coach Williams does have a national championship under his belt. It is just difficult to do that year after year when some of your top competitors are landing five-star talent year in and year out.

Chol Decision Impacts Desmond Hubert |
He's going to visit UNC. If he does, I would expect a commitment to follow.

Tillman leading Terps lacrosse transition - The Capital
Much like Bakich, he's saying a lot of the right things.

"There is going to be pressure at any place that has a storied tradition. At Maryland, the ultimate goal should always be to win the national championship. That is why players come here," Tillman said.

Track and field: Valmon to coach Olympic team " Terrapin Trail
Some nice pub for Maryland here. Can never have enough of that.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know what to do.