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Maryland Minute 2.17.11 - Terps "Way Out" of Tourney

Seth Davis: Terps are "way out" of Tourney

Not really news but it still stings a little to hear. 

Terrapins Insider - For one game, Terps shine from the line

21-24 from the free throw line ain't too shabby. Too bad it didn't correlate into a win.

A Greivis absence - The Diamondback

Really good read on Greivis and how much he's been missed this season. I grew up on Dixon, Blake, and Baxter. But my college years will always be remembered by GV.  I hope our AD has put together something nice for Sunday.

Q&A w/ Torrey Smith

This comes straight from (Title IX insists we diversify our links.) Among my favorite Torrey Smith answers:

"The CFB Girl: On paper—you’re better than Darrius Heyward-Bey in every category—and he was drafted 7th overall. How does this help you in the eyes of the NFL scouts?

TS: I don’t think it helps me at all. We’re two completely different people..."

Yeah, if anything, DHB's early pro career may hurt Torrey Smith.


"MJ: First thing you’re buying for yourself after the draft

TS: Uh, nothing if there’s a lockout." 


Grading ACC 2010 Football

The Terps get an A-. Doesn't last season feel like forever ago?

JJ Redick gets put on his butt...again

It never gets old.