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Maryland Basketball Recruiting News: Breunig Visiting, Hubert Leaning UNC?


I have good news and I have bad news. We'll go bad news first: San Diego PF Angelo Chol committed to Arizona over North Carolina today, and while that normally wouldn't wouldn't be a big deal, it severely impacts the recruitment of Desmond Hubert, arguably Maryland's most sought-after remaining recruit.

Chol not heading to Chapel Hill opens up a spot for Desmond Hubert, whose offer wasn't thought to be "solid." Now, though, UNC doesn't have any other choice, which almost certainly makes Hubert's offer solid. At least one guy heard that Chol's decision would have a big impact on Hubert's, which one would construe to mean that if Chol went to UNC, Hubert wouldn't, while if Chol went elsewhere, Hubert would go to Chapel Hill.

It's definitely not for certain, but the thinking goes that Hubert has had the opportunity to be a Terrapin for quite some time now. He hasn't the opportunity to be a Tar Heel, on the other hand, until just now. Guaranteed? Hardly, but it's not a good sign.

The good news is that if you were to ask most people, they'd say they're prefer Martin Breunig and Wally Judge. While there's still been minimal news on Judge, there is some news on Breunig (who's pictured to the right over there): per Matt Bracken, the German sensation is taking an official visit to Maryland this weekend.

The good news there, of course, is pretty obvious: if he's visiting, especially on an official, he has to be at least somewhat interested. Breunig is extremely talented and is the type of matchup problem Maryland's been lacking since the days of Chris Wilcox (note: I'm not comparing the two, only saying that Breunig causes problem defensively).

I'm assuming this means he'll be there for the N.C. State game. Anyone up for making signs in German?