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Maryland Minute 2.16.11 - Honoring the Non-Revs

For you, Ben B., for you.
For you, Ben B., for you.

How many positive memories has the basketball team given you the last month? How about the football program?  Exactly!  

That's why today's MM is dedicated to the little men (and women) of UMD athletics: the non-revenue programs.  They're the ones that win the national championships, don't botch important hires, and make us proud to call ourselves Terps.  No matter how many close losses our basketball team suffers, or Conference USA retreads our football program hires, just remember, at least we've got these guys.

Without further ado... 

Top Ranked Women's Lax Take Down Blue Hens

A good, old fashioned 17-8 beating.  The more these guys win, and the more we hire the Todd Bradford's of the world, the closer we are to completing the transformation into a women's lacrosse, soccer, and field hockey school.

Rick Snider: For Terps right now, all about the rebound

My first reaction when reading this headline was "Are you kidding me? Anybody who thinks this team is rebounding is clinically insane!" Then I realized it was about the women's team. They've got a big one tomorrow against #7 Duke. 

PressBox Q&A: Maryland Lacrosse Coach John Tillman

A good read on the start of a new season (and era) of Maryland lacrosse. I like Tillman and I think he'll fit in well here. He also had some interesting things to say about Edsall and Gary. 

Terps embrace ‘Omaha Challenge’ -

My new favorite Terp non-revenue is easily baseball.  Bakich has done a tremendous job building this program in just two years.  Also, this is just awesome:

"There hadn’t been any improvements to the concrete or the brick on the stadium since it was built in 1965," Bakich said. "The facilities department agreed to build us a brand-new brick backstop if we helped with some of the labor costs. We turned it into a mental toughness exercise and created demolition derby, bought some sledge hammers and let the kids start whaling away.

"When the players take ownership in the total promotion of the baseball program, there is some investment there and commitment and they take a whole lot more pride in it. These guys can literally say they’ve helped build this facility."

He recruits, he schedules top teams, and he's been non-stop promoting his program since the day he stepped on campus.  Can we hire the basketball version of Bakich in a couple years?

John Feinstein - Maryland basketball has only 'warning-track power'

Really a perfect description of this team. Also, it seems like the freshmen are going to see some more playing time.

Gary on Stoglin and Howard:

"They have to play more," Williams said. "They've earned the right to play more."

Glad we all agree. 

Larry Johnson turned down Terps, too - CollegeFootballTalk

So Plan A and Plan B said no. Yikes. I don't think the job is cursed - both had legitimate reasons - but it hurts nonetheless. - BB

My Take: What happened to Plans C-F? 


Postscript: I'm sorry for the negativity.  I really am.  But honestly, the last month and a half of Maryland football and basketball have felt like one giant kick in the groin.