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Looks Like the #VetoBradford Movement Has Begun

1663329_mediumA few weeks ago, the fine folks over at Bruins Nation - a fellow SBN blog and one of our most respected colleagues - successfully spearheaded a movement, named #VetoSeto, to depose their failed hire of a defensive coordinator, Rocky Seto. They used a crazy amount of social media and used it successfully, helping to overthrow Seto as the hire. Crazy stuff.

Some enterprising Terrapin fan has decided to try to replicate BN's success, starting up the official @VetoBradford Twitter. For the record, no, it's not me.

No, it's probably not going to work. I don't even know if it should work - some measure of conviction would be nice out of the dept. after the continuous mess-ups - but it's a pretty good indicator of the rage around the hire out there in Terrapin Nation (I hate that phrase, but whatever, I'm going with it).

It's not really about how Bradford will turn out. It's about what Maryland was promised by Kevin Anderson and Wallace Loh: that is, transformative excellence. If Bradford was hired as a DC after Ralph Friedgen retired, or maybe if Friedgen was fired after going 3-8, then it's a different matter. But this entire process was ostensibly undertaken to transform Maryland into a top-tier, legitimate football program.

If you think that Todd Bradford helps do that in any way, I don't know what to say. He failed at Southern Miss as a DC for three years. He has no recruiting track record. He has no connections to the area. He has no connection to the university. He was disliked by Southern Miss fans at his last gig and wouldn't have been retained there if he didn't take a negative move to become a position coach. Southern Miss fans called him To Brafor - no D.

Does the #VetoBradford movement have legs? Probably not. But if nothing else, it's interesting and, hey, a little empowering.

(I've made my name off of being relatively optimistic and level-headed, so I'm not going to spearhead or get seriously involved in the campaign, at least not this side of Twitter. But I'm not going to lie: I'm pretty upset, and I tend to side with the #VetoBradford folks on this one.)

Edit: I should probably reinforce, as a few commenters have pointed out, that the real problem here isn't Bradford: it's Anderson, potentially Edsall, and the entire department and program. This is the same as basketball: I have no quarrel with Bradford, same as I have no quarrel with Adrian Bowie. I just have a problem with their superiors putting them in this position. 

I tried to say this with more finesse in the fourth paragraph, but sometimes, it's better to be blunt.