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In Midst of Terrible Stretch for Terrapin Fans, Let's Remember Greivis Vasquez

You want to talk about a couple of terrible days as far as sports go, the Maryland Terrapins have got you covered. Let's go through the timeline:

Yeah, pretty terrible. But if you had pick one shining beacon of Maryland athletics in the past five years, who would it be? Greivis Vasquez, of course. And somehow, it's Vasquez who's here to save the day: Maryland will be honoring his jersey on Sunday when the Terrapins take on N.C. State. He's not suiting up, but it gives us a legitimate reason to remember the good ol' days, other than just for reminscing's sake. If there was ever a day we needed to run through the great moments of Greivis' career, it's pretty obviously today.

So, without further ado, the Greivis Vasquez YouTube Compendium of Happiness:

Feel better? I do.