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Jordan Williams Makes Naismith Award Midseason Watch List

I'm in Cincy right now, so I have to pound this one quick, but we have a nice trio of Jordan Williams tidbits today:

First, and most importantly, Jordan made the list for the Naismith Award Midseason 30 list. Remember that he also made the Wooden Midseason list, and he was on both awards' preseason list, too. He has no chance of winning (the smart bet is still on The Jimmer), but it's some nice recognition. Unless he stays until his senior year, I don't think he'll have much of a serious chance of bringing home hardware, but you never know. Again, it's still nice to be on the list.

Meanwhile, the Post has a pretty nice profile of J-Dub, focusing on a "proving the doubters wrong" theme. Unlike some people (looking right at you, Tebow), his actually makes sense: most people didn't expect him to do nearly as well as he did, and he did actually have a decent number of detractors surrounding his level of competition. Good read, and it's not like there's a lot of other news right now.

Oh, and remember that less-than-great performance out of Maryland's star against Longwood? Gary says he probably wasn't ready to play and overlooked the Lancers. It's a good thing it happened now instead, say, at Miami or home against UVA.

That's all I got for the time being.