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National Signing Day 2011: Bowie CB Hendy Recommits to Maryland

Good football recruiting news! Bowie CB A.J. Hendy, a three-star who had previously decommitted, will be sticking with Maryland.

Hendy to Maryland.less than a minute ago via Mobile Web


Hendy committed to Maryland awhile back (y'know, when James Franklin was still on the staff) and started to look around even before Franklin headed out. Then Franklin left, which started to look bad, and then Friedgen left, too, which looked like it pretty much ended Maryland's chances of reeling him back in.

The fact that Hendy is sticking around is a great sign for Edsall and the rest of the staff. They've been light on nailing prospects down in the stretch run toward national signing day, which has created some hesitance about their recruiting ability. This flies in the face of that and is very promising; even though Hendy had already committed to Maryland, he had all but stopped considering the Terps prior to Edsall's return. Plus, Edsall was dealing with the best shots that UVA and Iowa - notable presences in Maryland recruiting - could give. Good sign.

As for Hendy, he's a high three-star / low four-star kind of prospect, depending on who you ask. He has a great frame and pretty solid ball skills. Maryland needs a lot of help at cornerback, and he may be able to contribute early if he's as good as advertised.

I know tomorrow's all about Duke, but I'll get some NSD stuff up later tonight.