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Maryland Minute - 01.31.11 - Basketball Preps for Duke and Selection Sunday

Quick Fix - Terrapin Insider - Washington Post
Basically, this team isn't going to win pretty. Just get use to it. Hopefully they can win ugly against Duke...

Terrapins Insider - Talkin' Terps: What should matter most to the Selection Committee?
What should matter to the selection committee? Call me old fashion, but I'd start with having a marque victory. Oh, and 10-6 in the ACC, even with the conference being "historically the best", does not guarantee an at large bid. See Tech, Virginia, 2010.

College Park Hunkers Down for Duke - College Park, MD Patch
Really? They don't want a repeat incident of an officer unnecessarily beating the crap out of a student? At least the CP city council is finally kinda getting on the same page with students.

RTC's Weekly Bracketology: Terps in Last Four Out
A win against Duke would change that. Though it's kind of weird: they have Penn State in the field. Whoa. -BB

NCAA Bracket Watch - Andy Glockner -
Terps right on the cusp, 1st team out...

Aquille Carr Hoopmixtape
Two words: Sick. Nasty. -BB

2011 NFL Mock Draft: Quarterbacks Fall Out Of Top 10 As Teams Focus On Defense -

27. Atlanta Falcons: Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland. For whatever reason, NFL teams have not been able to stop Roddy White over the past two seasons despite the fact that White is the only starting-caliber receiver the Falcons employ. That needs to change, and Smith - a big playmaker - would look great on the opposite side of the field.

I'd be much happier seeing him at 26, personally...

Happy Birthday to "Where Are They Now?"
Mike at Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now? has now been at it over there for 5 years. Congrats to him on the milestone; he does some great work. Make sure to add the site to your RSS feed (or at least check it out from time-to-time). It's well worth it to make sure Sarunas is still out there balling somewhere. -BB

My take - awesome site. Without it, I'd never know that former Maryland players dominate overseas basketball like no other. Congrats, Mike!

Terrapins Insider - Report: Maryland Coach Edsall bans motor scooters
Probably a good move...

Recruiting Report: Who will lead Terps' in-state recruiting efforts? - Matt Bracken -
Great piece summarizing football's in-state recruiting battle/strategy.

ENGELKE: In wild ACC, it’s anyone’s guess - The Diamondback - Sports
Pretty much sums it up...