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Maryland Terrapins-Mount. St. Mary's Mountaineers: The GameThread

And the first cupcake is Mount. St. Mary's. Game's at 8 at Comcast (obviously) and TV appears to be ESPN3 only. Still, better than nothing, or TerpsTV.

I didn't do a preview because most of the next six opponents probably aren't worth the time. As a short one, the Mount stands at 1-6 and the only team they've beaten, Hartford, is the seventh-worst team in the country by KenPom's ratings. They might be the worst team Maryland plays before the ACC season starts. The name to know might be Julian Norfleet, a 6-2 2-guard who's averaging 10 ppg and loves the three-ball. If anyone is liable to go off for 25 randomly after getting hot from outside, it's probably him.

Random Baseless Prediction: A walk-on hits a first-half three-pointer.

Prediction: Maryland should win this one pretty handily. They might drop a home game in December, but it almost certainly won't be to the Mount. 71-55 Terps.

In fact, to spice this up, let's play a game: guess how many points Terrell Stoglin scores, with the tiebreaker being three-pointers. Winner(s) gets bragging rights. I'm saying 26 with two 3s.