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Maryland Minute 12.7.11: Pe'Shon Howard Could Be Back Sooner Than You Think

Too much swag for one backcourt.
Too much swag for one backcourt.

Jeff Goodman: Maryland will be at full-strength by Dec. 28
Goodman, one of college basketball's most-respected and well-connected journos, says that Pe'Shon Howard "should" be back by the 28th, and "maybe even" the 23rd. Goodman wouldn't say it unless he had someone giving him good info.

Howard offers some semi-confirmation
Someone tweets him on the 5th to ask if he'll be playing in a month. He says "sooner than that." Didn't think anything of it at first, but in combination with the other news, I think we have something here.

Gary Crowton's contract is predictably ginormous
$500k a year. Guar. An. Teed. Why, yes, that is as Ohio State and Alabama paid their offensive coordinators.

I know it's kind of good that at least they're paying top-dollar, but we're working with half a milli and a retread like Gary Crowton is the best we can do? That's more than twice what Justin Fuente's making, just throw that money at him or something.

UNC hires Southern Miss HC Larry Fedora as next coach
I've always liked Fedora and he's done a good job at USM. He has a nice offensive pedigree from his Oklahoma State days and did a great job recruiting to Hattiesburg. Am I crazy to think he could be a James Franklin-type at UNC?

Oh, and of course there'll be the weird thing about him coaching against his former defensive coordinator. Assuming The Todd sticks around that long. Either way, this guy is now in the conference.

Dinich reviews the season
Read iff you like pain. I know it's easy to hate on Heather, but it's not like there's too much wiggle room in this matter.

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski names Maryland "flop of the year"
Again, tough to disagree.

WBB: Lady Terps will play @ UConn next year
The Huskies aren't the powerhouse they were before, but that's still going to be a pretty insane game, especially as Maryland has another influx of talent coming in next year.

IMS & the Baltimore Sun update on the Harrison twins
Papa Harrison handles this interview, which is weirdly a good sign. Oh, and this:

Harrison marvels at the attention paid to his sons by recruiters, fans and media. So he shields them as best he can; only one college coach of the many salivating over the gifted 6-foot-5 guards has their cell phone numbers: Maryland coach Bino Ranson, who’s known Harrison for years, having grown up near him in Baltimore.

Sounds like he's tapped the breaks pretty heavily in the recruitment, too; he says the early commitment was "a consideration" but they decided against it because "you don't know what's going to be going on each of the schools" when they commit."

Maryland apparently leads for a guy named "Jazzmar Clax"
He's a three-star linebacker from New Jersey. More importantly, HIS NAME IS JAZZMAR CLAX.